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We agree that ants can be annoying more than useful. However, that indeed depends on your geographical area. There is no doubt that they are a spectacular critter. Although they are tiny, they do some pretty weird stuff. In this post, we will provide some uncommon facts about ants

  1. They don’t have ears: – Yes, you read right. They are without ears and instead try to compensate with the sensors which are located on their feet and knees.
  1. They don’t have lungs: – They intake the oxygen through the tiny holes called as spiracles spread across the entire body. The same holes allow exhaling of the carbon dioxide. They don’t possess the active tidal respiratory system like most of the mammals.
  1. They nourish other creatures: – Like humans, ants are fond of aphids so that there is no shortage of the honeydew. Therefore, they protect the aphids from the heavy rains and other tiny predators.
  1. Able to carry significant weight: – It may be misleading to hear, but ants can undoubtedly carry fifty times its weight with ease. The most by any animal to its size.
  1. Painful Bites: – Some of the ant’s bites can be severely painful like that of the Bullet and Fire Ants. These two type of ants are almost an inch long and usually near the tree. Fire ant’s bites feel like a burning sensation. Some of the other species of ants that can inject a painful bite are bulldog ants, red harvester ants and army ants.
  1. Equal to Humans: – According to the scientists, the biomass of the entire ants in the world is identical to that of the humans. This is because Ants have a humongous population across the globe concerning humans.

Ants control Vancouver

Frustrated with the Ants in you Vancouver Home?

Ants in an excessive quantity can be a nuisance, especially to the kids and pets. This is why we highly recommend not to eradicate on your own if they have set up a colony.

Advance Pests have certified and highly skilled labourers who can eliminate the ants with ease. Our highly effective Ants control Vancouver methods are potent to prevent them from coming back again.

Why Advance Pests?

We provide active Ants control Vancouver treatments that minimize the safety risks for the homeowners and the environment.

At times, it can be challenging to locate the scented trails that attract more ants, but our skilled technicians will wipe out all such areas where ants may be lurking.

To carry out the active Ants control Vancouver treatments, it is vital to know the type of ant’s species. This is where we have a superior edge over the other Ants control Vancouver service providers.

Preventive measures for Ants control Vancouver

It is one thing to eliminate the ants one time. As a robust and active pest company, we take pride in seeing our clients having no trouble with ants and other pests for years after our intensive and thorough Ants Control Vancouver Treatments. Give a call on 08 9240 6840 if you are having trouble with ants in your Vancouver home.

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