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Vancouver faces a ton of Wasps every summer. The most common ones among them are the yellow jackets and the so-called bald-faced hornets. The other less familiar are the potter wasps.

Wasp’s stings are painful; there is no doubt about that. However, how life-threatening are they to humans? In this post, we will post some of the interesting facts about the wasps and how to eliminate them with Advance Pest’s Wasp Control Vancouver.

Wasp Control

  1. Wasps are useful sometimes: – Wasps are mighty helpful in eating away the dead insects in your garden. Apart from that, they are might effective in destroying the grubs, weevils and the caterpillars which destroys the crops.
  1. They help in pollination: – Wasps are the counterpart of the honeybees in the pollination process. However, wasps which are located too near the house needs to be eliminated.
  1. Is wasp sting poisonous? – In general, they are not except for a few people. Hornet Wasp’s stings are a bit more painful (and bit dangerous too) since their one bite contains five per cent of acetylcholine.

Most people can quickly recover from the sting; however, for some, the pain can be fatal which requires immediate medical attention.

In rare circumstances, allergic reactions such as the anaphylaxis can put the body under extreme shock response. The symptoms include the likes of swelling of lips and throat. Needless to say but immediate medical attention is required in such case.

  1. They don’t last long: – The matured male wasp (called as Drone) mates with the queen to produce a number of offspring. After procreation, they die naturally. Interestingly, they feed their young ones with the meat like insect larvae.
  1. Wasp can use the stinger many times: – Unlike bees, they can sting multiple times if they feel threatened or agitated during the pollinating or scavenging process.
  1. Hard to remove their nests: – Once the wasp has multiplied considerably it is hugely more laborious for average folks to remove them on their own. Attempting to try it on your own can put you under severe risk of Wasp sting.

Call the professionals instead

If you are having trouble differentiating between the wasp and the bees, you can seek help from the professionals of Advance Pest. Advance Pest’s Wasp Control Vancouver has provided its cost-effective and powerful treatments for eliminating the Wasp in Vancouver homes.

Removing a Wasp nest is exceptionally complex. To avoid the mighty painful stings and the allergic reaction, it is best to get help from experienced folks like Advance Pests Wasp control in Vancouver.

The best Wasp control in Vancouver

Our Wasp control methods are unparalleled, and we offer a no obligation free site check to analyze the severity of the problem. Advance Pests provide 360-degree solutions for the notorious of wasps in Vancouver.

Give us a call on 08 9240 6840 and our team will arrive at the site for a free check-up at the scheduled date and time.

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