SEO Practices for Preventing Your Site Getting Penalized From Google

Google has proved its dominance in the search engine market. It reportedly enjoys more than a 60% share of searches in the search engine.

Needless to say but getting top rankings on Google for heavy competitive keywords is a surefire way of getting quality traffic and lead acquisition. In its quest for refining the algorithm, Google periodically makes tweaks to its search engines.

You must have heard about websites getting penalized and losing rankings after a significant update of Google. In this post, we will mention five essential SEO tactics which will keep your site away from Google penalty.

  1. Original content: – Google is mighty repulsive to duplicate content. Not only it down ranks the websites that have duplicate content but in severe cases it penalizes them.

Recovering from a Google penalty is often a futile attempt in most cases. The best alternative in such cases is to buy a new domain. However, if you care about your domain name and want it to keep it in the good books of Google, it is imperative never to use duplicate content. Google is notorious for penalizing the websites without any warning or message in the webmaster console.

  1. Link Farming: – The sole purpose of link farms is to create backlinks without giving a second thought to the essential SEO metrics like Domain and Page Authority.

Link farms gained broad importance in the early days of SEO as the number of backlinks were the sole criteria for achieving rankings.

Now, the quality and relevancy of backlinks are essential for rankings. Link farming at present is far from useful, and their use will inevitably result in the penalty from Google.

  1. Fake social media signals: – There are bots for gaining likes, shares, retweets which can influence the perception of the Google.

Now Google can easily recognize between genuine and fake likes, shares, retweets. It is therefore essential to not indulge in such practices just for the sake of gaining thousands of likes and shares.

  1. Varied Anchor Texts: – It is a common SEO practice to use different anchor texts for hyperlinking. Same anchor text used over and over again looks fake and unnatural.

Different anchor texts should be used so that they appear natural to the search engines.

  1. Tackle Negative SEO: – Success attracts envy. Competitors can create low-quality spammy backlinks to your domain. It is essential to take note of the spammy backlinks and disavow them through the Google disavow links tool page.

White HAT SEO from Local Clicks Pro

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