Ways to Acquire Quality Backlinks for your Website

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Google has publicly notified many times about their prominent ranking signals. Backlinks are probably their most important factor.

It is no secret that the ability to acquire high-quality backlinks is now the key differentiator between reputed SEO companies and the ones that can only claim to get you rankings.

There are multiple sources to get quality backlinks for SEO. In this post, we will elaborate on a few methods which provide a tremendous surge to the keyword rankings at the earliest.

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  1. Social Networking sites: – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Google Plus allow users to post their backlinks for free. The links are of course No Follow, but still, they get High Domain authority behind them.

Creating backlinks on Social Media sites usually comes under Social Media Optimization, but they allow free backlinking to your website.

There are always a few dos and dont’s to create a high efficacy for this method. The links are only meant to be produced in appropriate quantities. In short, overdoing them can backfire severely.

  1. Blog Commenting: – Blog commenting has time and again aid massively in creating quality backlinks for any domain.

The critical thing to remember for blog commenting is to find relevant blogs. There are several free and paid tools for that.

Drop My link is widely known as the best online source for finding blogs that allow blog commenting with or without the admin approval.

It is unnecessary to find a Do Follow Backlink for blog commenting. It will cause much harm than good.

  1. Press Releases: – Press releases have the analogy to that of a Press conference. They are quite useful in providing exposure and in eliciting a call back from the potential clients, mainly from the local customers.

A subtle link at the end of the press release is a surefire way of getting a surge in your keyword ranking. Websites with high DA PA usually allows Press Releases at nominal charges. The cost is worthy for getting ample exposure.

  1. Guest posting: – Guest Posting allows you to write an informative and useful post with the aim of enticing the customers to buy your products and services.

Just like blog posting, it is essential to Guest Post on relevant site only which has High Domain as well as Page Authority. The prerequisites for a Guest Post are Top notch quality content. There are tons of free Guest Posting sites.

  1. Infographic and eBook sharing sites: – Creating an info graph is a creative and time-consuming process. Why not take advantage of it by inserting a subtle backlink?

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