Timeless Fashion: Timeless Style Staples Every Woman Needs

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” –Bill Cunningham

There is no doubt that every generation would have its own respective set of fashion trends. In fact, fashion trends are ubiquitous things to women—regardless of what age or nationality they are.

Unfortunately, while these trends are in season, in style and are considered the “in” thing, they are not exactly universal—so much so, that no self-respecting older woman would be spotted gearing herself to the teeth in them. Indeed, fashion trends—whether retail or wholesale urban wear has been largely developed in the population they are supposed to be marketed towards. In this regard, you can expect most of these trends to look great on women in their teenage years and early twenties. Unfortunately, most women nearing their fifties would not be able to adapt to the trend as much. However, not to worry as for every cropped shirt and ripped jeans the fashion industry has dared to peddle on and purvey to women across the globe, there are countless styles that are not only suitable for every and any woman but are timeless as well.

To ensure you stay on top of your style game regardless of how old you are, make sure you have these staples inside your closet:

  • Bootcut Jeans

Skinny jeans might be all the rage now, but bootcut jeans flatter women of any age. In fact, this fashion staple has transcended the test of time and remains to be a basic wardrobe item for most women. Most styles sit just right below your belly button and would look great on most body types. If you wish to dress it up, look for a pair with a darker wash.

  • Riding boots

For a femme fatale look that could brave the colder weathers, wear a pair of riding boots that would hit just below the knee. Complete the ensemble with tights and a skirt for an ultra-chic and sophisticated look. Alternatively, you can choose to pair them with leggings and a long cardigan if you wish to appear more casual but still sophisticated.

  • Long Cardigans

Long cardigans are great fashion staples as they give off the same style effect as winter coats sans the stuffy appearance. Moreover, you can wear them on slightly colder seasons where a long winter coat would be sweltering to don on. They are mostly paired with another fashion staple: a pair of leggings but they would still look equally great over bootcut jeans and a pair of riding boots. For a feminine look, wear a long but lighter-knit cardigan over a favorite sundress of yours. This ensemble can work even on the summer seasons and would help you ward off any summer evening chill if you happen to be anywhere near the beach sipping on a cold drink. 

  • Eye-popping colors

Solid eye-popping colors never go out of style. However, this does not mean to say that you should go ahead and sport monochrome colors for the rest of your life (Stepping out in an all-lime green ensemble is hardly a good idea). But know that any woman regardless of her age group would be able to pull off accessories and accent pieces in bright colors. In fact, accent pieces that are brightly colored tend to give your ensemble more personality. Make a rather subdued ensemble come to life by adding a pop of colors such as a bright tank top underneath a neutral sweater or a bold bag with a somber outfit.

  • Ballet flats

A pair of ballet flats is the epitome of feminine sophistication complemented with comfort. This go-to shoe style has been the choice of many women as they provide style without sacrificing comfort. Furthermore, they are incredibly versatile and would work with almost any ensemble. In fact, most women would even take it as far as having as many colors as they can possibly hoard of this shoe style. Make sure this shoe staple is never missing from your closet.

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